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Please be aware, due to everything going on in 2020 covid-19, lockdowns etc we are experiencing longer than normal wait times (we’ve seen delayed 20+ days) for processing and delivery. Please don’t order currently if you are in a rush. We do still appreciate everyone’s support for small businesses during these times ! 

Why Choose Us?

Here you are not just a number on a registry, you are a part of a worldwide family. From a guy who had his first tib at 15 and is currently on his third one at 29, you have a long life friend in the Tiburon world!  

From One Shark Lover to Another

Jose Martin Aleman

"founder" just a fellow enthusiast!

Founded in 2013 Tuscani Nation was designed to carry over the greatness that was Newtiburon.com over to facebook. I set out to join all the anchor groups together and create a worldwide community. We have since grown to close to 3000 members and 65 subgroups worldwide! The second sunday of every August we celebrate #Sharkday, a gathering of tiburons of all years and mod levels to come together to meet fellow owners and further extend our passion for this discontinued beauty of a car!